05 Oct
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See how Out-of-Home can make you go “OOH!”

DOmedia Software Training
Learn how DOmedia is using Adtech to make
out-of-home media cool

Not long ago, planning and buying out-of-home media involved lots of printed maps covered with adhesive dots or pushpins. Band-Aids and cursing were just part of the job.


Then along came digital. Now billboards aren’t just dots on a map. They’re location-specific opportunities for consumer engagement. OOH innovators are integrating billboards with mobile ads. Delivering advanced ratings data. Targeting with the latest programmatic capabilities.


In this session, DOmedia will demonstrate their cloud-based application that connects buyers and sellers to:
• Better understand the local, regional and national OOH landscape
• Reduce labor
• Improve reporting and analytics


Ad agencies, media reps and local advertisers who attend this eye-opening session will see how the DOmedia platform can help you create campaigns that meet the needs of data-driven brands looking for enhanced efficiency, effectiveness and ROI.


When: Thursday, October 12
Time: 5pm – 8pm
Where: Boulevard Brewing Company
Cost: FREE!
RSVP: RSVP@kcmediamix.com